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2015年5月16日,The StarPhoenix 报纸记者Jason Wrick 和 Lim Richards 来到我校,拍摄了几个年级的课堂,采访了张平晔校长,并随机采访了两位学生,三年级的李诗璇和十年级的陈洁楠。报道中文学校在TCU PLACE 举行25 周年校庆的消息。相关内容今天很荣幸登上了头版头条。内容如下:

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Ruihong Wang’s Grade 1 students throw their hands in the air and clap as they sing loudly in Mandarin. A few giggle self-consciously or look down at the floor.

The kids are practi sing for the 25th Anniversary celebration of the Chinese Language School of Saskatoon. From its humble beginnings in the basements of volunteers, it’s now Saskatchewan’s largest language school.

“Everybody’s excited. It’s a great time for celebration and reflection,” said Principal Pingye Zhang.

More than 200 students take classes in language, culture, music, art and martial arts every Saturday afternoon inside Aden Bowman Collegiate. Most, but not all, are Chinese-Canadian families wanting their kids to learn about their heritage. There are also adult courses.

“Our mission is language, culture and promotion of a multicultural society,” Zhang said.

“That is our goal. We are trying.”

Eight-year-old Nini Li, who hopes to become a doctor, said she enjoys learning about Chinese culture and speaks the language at home with her parents.

“I have lots of friends here,” she said.

Jienan Chen, 13, is in Grade 8 in a French immersion elementary school and Grade 10 at he Chinese School. He hopes to become a teacher, perhaps at the Chinese language school, some day.

“Here, we get a glimpse of the 5,000 year history of my country,” he said.

Principal Zhang and her family moved to Saskatoon from Columbus, Ohio more than a decade ago. She and most other Chinese immigrants are happy they made the move here.

“We’ve fallen in love with Saskatoon,” said Zhang, whose own kids are graduates of the school. “Our school tries to add to the city’s reputation as a wonderful, diverse place to live.”

Demand is increasing, and Zhang and the school’s army of volunteers is eager to help. Preregistration for the fall term begins June 13.

“We need even more classrooms,” she said. “It’s growing very fast.”